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Monday, February 08, 2010

Okay, so it's time to vote....{Mesa, AZ newborn photographer}

You are voting for one lucky winner, who will receive a free newborn photo session and 5 free digital images. Just click next to who you think should win. ONE VOTE PER COMPUTER.

I've also decided to give away a $100 gift certificate to be used at a newborn photo session. After you click and vote, leave a comment with the name of the person that you voted for. I will draw a name at the end of the contest and that winner will receive the gift certificate. So fun!

So, if you've entered the contest....get busy! Contact your friends, family, people who read your blog, ask your facebook friends, tweet about it, go door to door asking your neighbors to vote :) and get everyone to come and vote for you!!!

Voting will end on Saturday morning at 9:00. GOOD LUCK!


Heather 8:01 AM  

Tiffany Bradford

Shawna 8:12 AM  

Tifani Cluff

ginger 8:15 AM  

lisa mckeown

MyR 8:18 AM  


Anonymous 8:27 AM  

Kate Cupps

Tara 8:38 AM  

Pick Lisa McKeown

Tressa 8:47 AM  

Amber DeWitt :)

Christine 8:52 AM  

Kate Cupps

Tammy 8:58 AM  

Vote for Masako, PLEASE! Thanks for the contest, how wonderful of you!

Heather 9:02 AM  

Mako (Masako) Gardner all the way!! (and soon-to-be baby Scott :)

Julesy 9:06 AM  

Masako Gardner!!!! :)

Melanie 9:06 AM  

Kate Cupps! :O)

Heather 9:08 AM  

Laura Lofgreen!

Anonymous 9:23 AM  

Go Lisa McKeown

Tiffany 9:29 AM  

Masako Gardner

Amber 9:38 AM  

Camille Rohner

shamers 9:41 AM  

i voted for melody, and i need a photo shoot for the tiny baby boy we've just adopted. he's two weeks old today!

Melissa 9:46 AM  

Kendra Halterman

t. m. 10:09 AM  


Jann 10:12 AM  

Jann said - Laura Lofgreen

Raysha 10:17 AM  

Tifani Cluff

Arian 10:18 AM  

Katie Cupps

The Nettles Family 10:29 AM  

Kate Cupps!

The Austin Gurneys 10:46 AM  


Haleigh 10:56 AM  

Camille Rohner

jakenapril 11:22 AM  

Kate Cupps

Crissie 11:24 AM  

Melody Peterson!!

Cassie 11:26 AM  

Melody Peterson

Annelise H. Jensen 11:37 AM  

Laura Lofgreen!

LilMisfit 11:49 AM  

Kate Cupps! That girl rocks!

E 11:52 AM  


Nicole 11:58 AM  

Tifani Cluff

Stephanie 12:04 PM  

Kate Cupps

Britton & Jamie 12:19 PM  

Tifani Cluff

sasmithfam 12:24 PM  

Melody Peterson!!

Osito 12:38 PM  

I voted for Kendra

kmk1180 1:29 PM  

cute katy cupps

Carrie 1:37 PM  

Tifani Cluff

chandler 1:57 PM  

Thanks for nominating me, Heather and breaking into www.mydeartrash.blogspot.com

Laura Lofgreen 2:00 PM  

Heather, I hope I win.

sara 2:24 PM  

My awesome sister Kate Cupps!

The Clawson's 2:26 PM  

Camille Rohner!

Tom and Ruth Pratt 2:37 PM  

Kate Cupps
She's the one!

OurFamily 2:38 PM  

Camille Rohner!

Brady and Brittany Fish 2:45 PM  

Camille Rohner :)

Heidi 2:56 PM  

My awesome cousin, Kate Cupps!

Amy Hodges 3:00 PM  

Laura Lofgreen all the way!!!

Amber 3:02 PM  

I voted for Camille on a different computer... sneaky eh?

mapacupps 3:16 PM  

Mother of the Year, Kate Cupps!

mapacupps 3:18 PM  

This is a vote from Papa Cupps for Kate Cupps. She deserves it having 4 children.

The Danielson 3:24 PM  


kc 3:29 PM  

Masako Gardner

Mama's Boys 3:36 PM  

Kendra Halterman

Jared 3:42 PM  

Kate Cupps!

Arabeth 4:49 PM  

Tifani Cluff

Michelle 4:51 PM  

Camille Rohner!!! :)

Dallin and Ashley 5:26 PM  

Camille Rohner

Brad Daniels 5:58 PM  

Tiffany Bradford

Jamielyn 6:30 PM  

I vote Camille Rhoner! She makes the cutest babies ever! :)

Joan 7:14 PM  


Jennica and Mitch 7:26 PM  

Camille Rohner

Amanda Bailey Halliday 7:27 PM  

*Kendra Halterman* =)

Crystal 7:29 PM  

Camille Rohner! She deserves it :)

Andrea N 7:56 PM  

-Lisa Mckeown-

Holly, You have the best job ever...getting to snuggle with newborns and create lifelong memories for them & their families. It {almost} makes me wish I had another bun in the oven. =) Gorgeous photos!!!

amberbuck 9:18 PM  

Laura Lofgreen!

Valerie Ipson 9:55 PM  

I vote for Laura L.

rosemst2t 2:49 AM  

Laura L.

Merilana 8:34 AM  

Go Melody! :)

Stacey 10:42 AM  

Kate Cupps all the way!

Tim and Jennifer 1:24 PM  

Kate Cupps

Sarah S. 2:19 PM  

Melody Peterson

Trini 3:30 PM  

Masako Gardner!

The Potter Family 3:32 PM  

Julie Potter

Sue 4:22 PM  

Tifani Cluff

Suzanne 5:05 PM  

Kate Cupps

Matt Peterson 5:27 PM  

Melody, of course.

Nathan 6:13 PM  

Diana Moody

Amber Phelps 6:46 PM  

Melody Peterson! :)

The Armenta Family 7:28 PM  

Kate Cupps!!! Good luck:)

Jennireesa 5:10 AM  

Kate Cupps

Meredith 6:36 AM  

Kate Cupps

Adriana Blake 10:10 AM  

Kate Cupps

Ise, Chels, & Graham 8:27 PM  

I voted for Camille Rohner!

Pam 9:03 PM  

Vote for Kate Cupps!

jose 9:05 PM  

Diana Moody

jose 9:07 PM  


Marsha 9:13 PM  

Diana Moody

Brock and Lisa McKeown 9:48 PM  

Lisa McKeown

Rachel 11:02 PM  

Stacia Tyler

Pam 11:03 PM  

Stacia Tyler

Mike and Erika 5:07 AM  

Diana Moody, for sure!!!

Jes*In*CO 7:06 AM  

Vote in for Kate Cupps:) Jes*In*CO

Riley Noehren 8:04 AM  

Kate Cupps

ginny 8:05 AM  

Ditto on Kate Cupps.

Mary 8:07 AM  

Kate Cupps

Kristin 8:44 AM  

LIsa Mckeown

Kate 9:19 AM  

Thank you for the contest. Your photos are amazing, Holly! And a big thanks to Tara for getting me to enter. I'd be so honored to win.
And I voted for myself, Kate Cupps.
Thanks everyone!

Angie 9:24 AM  

Kate Cupps!

HeatherS 9:42 AM  

Kate Cupps

Gary and Debbie Rex 9:42 AM  

Kate Cupps!

Wendy Phelps 9:56 AM  

Melody Peterson!

Kleinmans 12:38 PM  

Stacia Tyler

Holly 1:11 PM  

Kate Cupps Is pretty deserving. She makes pretty cute little Cupps!

Tish 2:08 PM  

Tiffany Bradford

Moss Family 3:54 PM  

Kate Cupps

Mako Gardner 7:17 PM  

I LOVE her photos!! I don't have any cute photos of my first son when he was a newborn, so I really want her to take pictures of this baby. I promise, I am working super hard making a cutest photogenic baby. He is half made in Japan, must be photogenic, right? :) I am having lots of contractions last night, getting close...

Jenny and Torrey 8:53 PM  

Lisa Mckeown

Shel 7:33 AM  

Kate Cupps fan here

juliespahr 8:06 AM  

Melody Peterson

Cheryl 8:19 AM  

Tifani Cluff

Jessica 10:32 AM  

Melody Peterson

Me 11:07 AM  

Go Diana Moody!

The Teachers 11:08 AM  

Diana Moody for sure!

Jennie Dee 11:15 AM  

Stacia Tyler

Kendra@My Insanity 12:17 PM  

I suppose I can say that I voted for myself. Holly took our family pictures a few years back. I would love for her to capture the magic of our new little guy!

Crystal 12:55 PM  

diana moody!

The McNeil Family 3:44 PM  

Melody Peterson!!

Wright Family 4:16 PM  

Melody Peterson!!

kmk1180 6:05 AM  

vote for kate cupps

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