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Thursday, September 22, 2011

I have an addiction....

It's true! And I've got it bad! It sucks up all of my free time and even time when I should be doing something else...perhaps like making dinner, or doing laundry, or cleaning the house, or paying attention to my children. I need an intervention.

Hello. My name is Holly Brimhall and I AM ADDICTED TO PINTEREST!

There. I said it. The secret is out. The sad thing is, I WANT to be addicted. I mean, I'm LOVING all of these cute craft ideas I'm finding (and making when I should be doing chores or for heavens sake BLOGGING). I know. I apologize. I'll be better. Oh, and don't even get me started on the recipes I've been pinning. I mean I have a WHOLE board just for desserts. AND I'M OFF OF SUGAR! Why oh why do I torture myself? For real. My mouth has been watering for caramel-dipped white chocolate apples, creamy lime bars, coconut banana bread with lime glaze, and pumpkin cinnamon rolls. And wouldn't you know it "there's an app for that"...so I've got dang Pinterest on my phone. I pin in the carpool lane while waiting to pick kids up from school, I pin whilst laying in bed at night unable to sleep. Heck. I even pin on the pot. {gasp!} I know. I have problems.

So what am I to do about it? I decided to have a "Pinterest Party" and I'm kind of dying that I have to wait a few more weeks for it to actually get here. What's a "Pinterest Party"? Good question. I'm just having some fellow Pinterest Addicts over to make some crafts we have pinned, eat some food we have pinned, while wearing our favorite outfits we have pinned, sporting our amazing hair-do we have pinned. It's gonna be AWESOME! I'm on "pins" and needles....ha ha! I'm a DORK! Okay, so really I'll probably be in sweats with my hair in a messy bun. I can't craft in cute clothes!

So, I HAVE made a few crafts pinned on my "craft board"...and I HAVE decorated my house for fall. So I'm not a TOTAL slacker! That and I got a new calling at church...which always seems to throw a wrench in life. Especially when you have NO CLUE what you're doing. I'm the new choir director. Hmmmm. WHAT? I wanted to ask the member of the bishopric, "You DO know that the director of that AMAZING EVMCO...you know that one who went to Julliard....yes, him. He's in our ward. Why don't you ask him?" But it's fine. And I'm figuring things out. Kind of. It's helping me step outside my comfort zone.

Oh yes...my house. I got a little bit sidetracked. Let me show you.


My cute pumpkins. The tutorial I made forever ago...and then deleted...and then reposted a few years back. Yes, you totally CAN make your own... {here}





See that Halloween banner? I was inspired by this pin...except I used glitter spray paint. Mmm. Glitter spray paint. Yes, very cool!

I made those "EEK" letters a few years back. Easy peasy...cardboard letters from JoAnns, modge podge, cute scrapbook paper, and an antiquing stamp pad....

Being the awesome photographer mom that I am, I have a cute frame with a picture of somebody elses kids in it...you know the one that was in it when I bought it a few years ago. I'm super awesome like that!




Oh, okay. I made these too. See I'm not a crazy slacker. I was inspired by this pin, I just had to jazz them up a bit. Super love the bows on the sides and pom pom fringe :)



And I totally know I just teased you with a picture of my kitchen. You see it's kind of like this vicious cycle. I think to myself, "Okay, the kitchen is complete. Clean it and take pictures." So I clean it. And then I'm tired. So I say I'll take pictures later. But then it's dirty again. And well, you know. It's got to be clean for pictures. Someday {sigh}. Until then I'm going to go pin a few more things on Pinterest. Gotta run!


ellen 4:33 PM  

Pinterest addicts rule!

hcrjfrandall 4:46 PM  

Love your house! Can't wait to see the kitchen, and I can totally relate!

Mary 5:28 PM  

Whoa! It's too early for me to decorate for Halloween...yikes! It all looks great though! You are uh-mazing. Love your blog! And Pinterest! ;)

Emily 6:22 PM  

Ha Ha! I can totally relate. We all need to go to pinterest anonymous meetings! Can't wait to see more pictures of your amazing home...

Sheri 7:13 PM  

I think we have all admitted to being addicted to Pinterest - LOL. I'm also just as addicted to your blog - it is awesome - you are so talented. Good job and God bless :)

Heidi 12:40 AM  

Huge Pinterest addict myself - having it on my iPhone and iPad only feeds the addiction!

Love your fall decorations.....

Amber 5:58 AM  

You.Are. FUNNY!

Marlene 6:36 AM  

Holly, your decorations are gorgeous! You always do such an amazing job!

Did you find those bats that you have hanging from your light on Pinterest too? I want to make some and wondered if you made those? Do you have a pattern?


Tressa 6:40 AM  

I've managed to avoid pinterest so far. I'll need to keep my distance until I move cause I don't have any free time. LOL

Lookiewhatidid 7:58 AM  


My name is Missy and I'm addicted to Pinterest. hehe sounds like I'm at an AA meeting...maybe we should start a support group.

Dana Day 9:15 AM  

Holly, I found your blog through my good friend Cassy Tenney. Anyhoo, I just wanted you to know I love your blog. I think you are super talented and I want to live in your house. Especially the Halloween version. ;) You are adorable. Thanks for letting your light so shine. You brighten up the Blogging World. Dana Day. ;)

Raquel 11:28 AM  

I'm with you.....it is my new addiction!!!
Love you house and the decor!

Letia 12:43 PM  

I want to go to your pinning party! That sounds like so much fun! Your house looks great. I really feel like I can't find the time/energy to actually craft...instead I just admire everyone else's talents.

Robyn 5:55 PM  

Right there with you, my dear! You said it well and I ditto it all - but, DANG! Isn't it fun?!?!
Robyn from Idaho Falls

Rachel Berry 6:21 PM  

Pinterest is my form of Crafting Crack! I love it oh so much!!


Lorena M 7:08 PM  

OMG, I'm an addict too then. I pin in the night when I can't sleep, then in the morning I wake up a little bit earlier just to see what pins have been made by the ones I follow, then I pin in the bathroom, then when I drop off my daughter off at school because of course I get there early to give myself a few minutes, then when I pick her up I pin because again I get there too early and I sit in the truck for a good 15-20 minutes before she comes out. It's too bad I live in CA or I would totally go to your pinning party. I have tons of crafts I want to do, recipes I want to cook, places I wish I could travel to, the list goes on and on. I too have it on my phone.

brandy 11:27 PM  

I completely understand your addiction. The end.

ps. your house looks amazing! I love the pillows out on the porch. So festive!

Susan 7:31 PM  

OK, I've got an addiction. Your photography!

Oh my...when I grow up I want to take pictures just like you.

A girl can dream right????

J. Paige 10:56 AM  

You have done wonders with your house! Everything looks so beautiful and festive too! You are awesome that way!

Erik and Katherine 2:19 PM  

A Pinterest party??! What a fabulous idea! Lovin' it...

Christine Sweet 6:27 AM  

ahhhh, so gorgeous as usual. I love how warm and cozy it feels... beautiful work in making a home Holly! And where oh WHERE did you get the mirror that hangs above your piano. I have to have one!!!!!!!!!

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